Everything we do is driven by utility.

We set to have a higher standard in crypto, as a utility token that powers our various platforms and services all under the brand of Cyber Token. Enabled by our blockchain approach; always improve.
How does it work?
Cyber Token is a token on the Tron blockchain which will allow it to have instant transactions with cheap fees. It will also allow for innovations of Dapps such as gaming platforms and other useful applications that require fast and cheap transactions.
Deflationary & Community Driven Token

Cyber token will start off with an initial supply that will be minted during the presale. Cyber token will have a 2% taxation rate upon each transaction. 1% of each individual transactions will get burned. The burn will reduce the overall supply of the token increasing the value of it over time. The other 1% will get evenly distributed to everyone holding tokens based upon how much tokens an individual is holding will determine how much of they will receive from that transaction fee.

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Rebase and Staking

Cyber tokens will allow users to earn interest through staking. Users will receive 1% a day staking their cyber tokens until they reach 100% on their initial investment. When a user makes an initial deposit of their cyber tokens the contract will burn the initial deposit and in return will mint 1% of that deposit until the user receives return of 100% on their investment in cyber tokens. Users will be paid out in cyber tokens, meaning if the value of cyber tokens increases than the overall return on investment also increases.

Cyber Token is also a rebase token. Each 12h hour user's balances will increase by 0.05% if the price of cyber token has increased by 12% above the all time high.

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Why get involved?
There are many reasons to get involved in Cyber Token. Whether you wish to interact with the smart contract and dapp platforms we build using the token, whether you wish to earn interest staking our token, participate in our rebases, or even if you are a developer looking for a development fund to build your own smart contracts and dapp using our token.
Community Focused

Cyber Token is a community driven project with the aim at providing resources to interactive community members.

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Consumer Benefit

We have our consumers in mind. This is why we have decided to build cyber token on a blockchain that can provide instant and cheap transactions.

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Developer support

The cyber token team will provide developers funding to grow and build our ecosystem. Developers will creat creative, fun, or even financially beneficially applications and if these applications pass our review and use our token we will provide developers fund to which they can use for marketing and other purposes.

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The tokenomics of the cyber token.

Deflationary Token


High interest rebase token with only positive rebases


Sustainable staking high apy, tokens are burned when stake and minted back over time


Earn more tokens by holding over time

Our Products
Cyber Token being on the Tron blockchain will support smart contracts and we will provide a list of our products. Products will be rolling out after the presale according to our roadmap.
Cyber Token staking

The cyber token staking platform is designed to be one of the most sustainable staking platform in all of defi. When users deposit tokens into the staking platform the platform burns the initial deposit. Users will than receive 1% of the initial deposit (in cyber tokens) per day. The ROI is 100%, so in 100 days you will receive your initial deposit and the rest is pure profit. If the overall value of cyber token increases the return on your investment also increases overall.

The Cyber Arcade

Utilizing the fast and cheap transactions on the tron blockchain, the cyber token team has the capability of creating multiple entertainment based smart contract platforms. The first platform that the cyber token team will release will be the cyber arcade. Users will be able to wager cyber tokens against other users in multiplayer pvp games such as uno, chess, and a variety of other pvp games in the cyber arcade.

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